The Cleveland Public Library was established in 1869 by a group of visionary community leaders who created the Library as their timeless gift to Cleveland. Today’s donors can continue that legacy. Planned gifts will become a major source of support for the Library’s funds for many years. These gifts come in many forms, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, and insurance policies. A legacy gift may provide you with an ideal opportunity to support the Library at a higher level than you might have thought possible.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is any deferred gift intended to benefit the future of Cleveland Public Library. There are a variety of financial arrangements that will allow you to make a planned gift to Cleveland Public Library Foundation.  Your charitable bequest or other planned gift will not only ensure the library and its programs thrive, it will allow you to create a deeply meaningful legacy to be shared by the people of Cleveland for generations to come.

Bequest in Your Will
You may make a bequest of cash, stocks and bonds, real estate, personal property, or a percentage of your estate.

Life Insurance
You may designate Cleveland Public Library Foundation as beneficiary on your insurance policy or transfer the policy outright.

Individual Retirement Account
You may designate Cleveland Public Library Foundation as full or partial beneficiary on your accounts.

A trust may be established to benefit Cleveland Public Library Foundation now or at a later time.

You may make an outright gift to Cleveland Public Library Foundation and receive annuity payments until a specified time in the future.

A Legacy of Giving

Is the Cleveland Public Library Foundation already in your will, trust or other estate plans? Thank you! Please share your giving intentions with us, as it helps us plan for the future. Contact Tracy Martin at (216) 623-2831 or [email protected]. Your gift may remain anonymous, if you like.

Don’t have a will? You’re not alone! Now is a great time to start planning, and please consider including a bequest to Cleveland Public Library Foundation in your estate plans. Contact Tracy for suggested “bequest language” and the Cleveland Public Library Foundation tax ID to share with your attorney.

Tell Us About Your Planned Gift

If you have already made or are thinking about making a planned gift to the Cleveland Public Library Foundation, thank you! Please fill out the form at the button below to inform us of the gift and help in our efforts to plan long-term for Cleveland Public Library’s future.